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Sunday, August 8, 2010

First look at Display Recorder: high quality recorder to show what you did on the iPhone

iPhone is so easy to use, but there are still some friends who can’t figure out how to do some specific tasks. Taking screenshots cannot easily tell the story, making video is the best choice. Display Recorder(US$4.99) from Cydia can record the iPhone and iPad screen without any difficult setup.

Before actually start using it, go into settings and choose “Display Recorder”. It allows to choose the highest framerate to 25. But, I would suggest to keep it as 20. The video can be recorded in portrait mode or landscape mode. In the bottom part, you can set the YouTube login in order to upload the video instantly in the future.

The activation method of Display Recorder would be short press the power button. This can be changed in the settings. After it has started the recording, just do what you want to do on the screen. Short press the power button again will end the recording.

I have tested the Display Recorder on the iPhone 4. It will make the phone restart if I chose to do some heavy tasks like playing videos. In general, it works perfectly. The best part is that it can show taps with little white circle in the video. To my surprise, the video quality is awesome and clear.

[via winandmac]


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