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Thursday, August 5, 2010

MiTube app flies high but is quickly shot down

You kinda knew it was going to happen. Earlier this week the app store approved MiTube, a YouTube app that allowed you to both view and download videos. Sounded like a great idea, and the app was free, but YouTube is not exactly a downloading service, and the clock had to be ticking on the viability of MiTube.

Kerplonk! It's gone. Getting the app yanked is not a big surprise. How it ever got in the app store is a bigger question. Just a couple of weeks ago HandyLight was pulled. It looked like a flashlight app, but in fact it had hidden features that allowed you to tether an iPad or a laptop to your iPhone and share your 3G signal. Apple approved it, then pulled it when the word got out of what the app really did.

Apple has every right to control the app store, but these approvals followed by a quick yank are sort of embarrassing.

By the way, if your iPhone is jailbroken there is always MXTube,

[Via iLounge]


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