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Thursday, August 5, 2010

iPhone 4 Video capture and Facetime + MMS frameRate limit removed !

Pretty amazing, a user has posted on forum should/must join if you have not already) a way to increase frames per second for video from 15fps to 30fps!

here is the link but it is a member forum so I'll just put the basic info here and encourage you to become a member of the top iPhone forum around.

iPhone 4 Video capture and Facetime + MMS Rate limit remo...

"There is a compression that the iphone does when you send a mms message or when you record from The front facing camera

The FPS is capped to 15 min and 15 max in the plist ..

I was able to get them at 30 with no issues at all ..

Next i tried them on the Facetime settings ... and I Was able to boost the FPS from 15 fps to 30 Fps

placed two Facetime Calls and needless to say as long as your Wifi is strong the calls looked amazing. "
..."all done editting plist.

It seems that right now the MMS takes ALOT longer To Send but the compression is alot better "
...Also allows you to change what filters are used when the Camera is used. and also the FPS cap on Facetime and front facing cam.

careful since I dont know at the moment what might screw something up.
removed Limit from Email Compression as well...

I found a few things about Facebook uploading... has this been enabled as of yet ?

Also found all the settings for the camera front and back.

such as exposer ... Flash Time ... red eye reduction... I think I might try to Put Together a simple app that will let you Adjust all this without having to mess with files... but this will take me a little time. there is alot here guys .. maybe if someone wants to lend A hand ?
Posted Image

starting to seem like a trade off.... clear sound or clear video.... not both due to carrier limit on MMS size...

but the limit to youtube has also been removed .

Facebook now uploads native 720p video with no use for another app like pixelpipe

lots more info...CAREFUL though kind of for experts with jailbroken devices

can screw up your data and wifi if NOT CAREFUL and backup everything and read twice, so not broken twice !


kiki said...

thanx for info, but i'd better recommend to use this nice FaceTime calls recorder, i do enjoy it!)

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