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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Video Panorama

I wasn't going to post this, but I really like the photo results I get from this video to panoramic photo making app.

It is buggy, but you may not notice as it does get great results, so check it out.

After the official slick hype is an actual panorama I made from a video that is also 100% mine, what do you think?

*****NOTE, it is buggy, it makes very small photos, such as the one I have posted here is only 254kb, it seems to invert all the images, so you will have to edit afterwards, sometimes it just plain doesn't work and you end up with a mess.
Another wonky thing is trying to make a vertical image(done by holding the iPhone in portrait when creating) just goes wrong sometimes, so needs work, but still impressive.

Video Panorama

New update v1.8! (Now support iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G S) The EASIEST Panorama Tool ever! No multiple shots! You only need to take a short video!

This is amazing! I can not believe it can make panorama images in such easy way and the result is overwhelming! It’s a must-have App for who owns an iPhone 3G S!
★★★★★ - From one Twitter user

If you like panorama images, you must not miss this awesome app. Just take a short video and the app takes care of the rest. Really cool!
★★★★★ - From PC Magazine end user

Video Panorama lets you quickly and easily compose amazing panorama images from video with 2 taps within one minute. With this cool app, your will not be pity when you see beautiful views but without bringing professional camera. It will definitely make more fun for you.

Take a video clip or select a video clip from album
Tip A: if you want to make landscape image, please rotate your iPhone to make the home button on the right, take the video slowly and smoothly (start) from left to right (stop)
Tip B: if you want to make vertical image, please make the home button on the bottom, take the video slowly and smoothly (start) from top to bottom (stop)

The app will help to generate panorama images automatically
Save it to album or send by email

Stitch Landscape panorama images
Stitch Vertical panorama images
Save to album

iPhone OS 3.1 and iPhone 3G S required.

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3

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